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Our next major step forwards is the submission of a formal request to create a new centre for practice-based research in education, art, ecology and sustainable technology. This is essential for the development of our school and will also constitute a significant new resource for other projects and the wider community.

The project is a collaboration between our community, informal education centre Sunseed Desert Technology, and award-winning multi-disciplinary collective Assemble. Together we are working to design elegant infrastructure that meets our needs, embodies our values, and models sustainability and care for the environment.

One of the criteria for success is a clear demonstration that the proposed project is in the public interest. To this end, we have created a petition to help demonstrate support for our plans, both in the local area and further afield. If you want to see us succeed in our mission, please take a minute to sign the petition.


We already have considerable seed funding. The amount available to us is sufficient to provide confidence in the viability of our plans, but will not cover all of our costs. As soon as we have the necessary legal permissions to proceed we will begin our next major fundraising effort. If you like what you have seen on this site and would like to discuss pledging a philanthropic donation now, we would love to hear from you. The more of our budget we have secured at the application phase, the greater our chance of success.

To discuss philanthropic donations contact


In order to meet our aim of being open to all families, we rely on the help of friends and supporters who share our pedagogical beliefs and commitments to social justice. In simple terms, what we are trying to do is hard, and we need all the help we can get. To those who have been able to offer help in one form or another, the experience has always been rewarding and enriching.

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