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Camp Co-Create Q&A


What will happen at Camp Co-Create?

Camp Co-Create will be a joyful journey into the unknown. If we knew the destination, or what will happen along the way, it wouldn't really be co-creation, and it wouldn't be half as exciting for us or for you. Our role is not to determine or define what co-creation will look like or produce, but to offer conditions which support and enable something amazing to take place.

How will you create conditions for co-creation?

Creating the conditions that enable joyful, nourishing, open-ended co-creation is what we have done for ourselves and for each other for the last five years. At Camp Co-Create we will offer a concentrated, supercharged version of all we have created and learned along the way. This means:


1) A Rich Environment: Our valley is a very special place, and by far the most important space we are sharing. In addition, we will offer supported access to a wide range of creative and social spaces including an art space, a library, a 'hackspace', a workshop, a junkyard play space rich in loose parts, a sports area and aerial silk rig, a music studio, swimming pool, sauna, yoga space, and new infrastructure we are building specifically for this camp; a camp kitchen, eating area and social space.

2) Enabling Structures: The camp will be held within structures which enable things to happen, without determining what those things should be. These include a daily rhythm of facilitated morning and end of day meetings, open space technology to enable emergent planning, and a two week narrative arc with a beginning - ice breakers, games, structured workshops - a middle - open space and co-creation - and an end - a celebration of our time together.

3) Open Space: We provide some simple structure, but the actual content that fills that structure - activities, projects, plans, processes and adventures - is up to all of us. Banana Mountain holds the open space. All participants share their skills and passions, organise activities and workshops, and co-create our time together.

4) Camp Life: There is a wonderful intensity to camp life which supercharges connection and relationship building processes which the  co-creation is built on. Sharing a valley, cooking and eating together twice a day, swimming in the river, playing games, swapping stories under the stars, climbing Dragon Mountain at dawn. These activities and others enabled by intensive shared living are both intrinsically joyful, and essential threads in the tapestry we will weave together.

5) Response-Able Hosting: While the camp will be a true co-creation, those of us who are hosting and holding space have a special responsibility to our guests. In order to meet this responsibility we will have daily team meetings to check in, reflect on how the process is unfolding, and if needed, propose creative responses to the rest of the camp


Who will 'hold space' at the camp?

The core organising team camp can be found on our Camp Team page. During the actual camp, space will be held by a larger group which includes other Banana Mountain students, the Banana Mountain facilitators, and some of our experienced parents. Between us we have a great deal of experience running schools, retreats, festivals and events, and living in community.

​What about food?

The heart of our camp will be our land based kitchen and dining space where we will eat two shared meals a day (lunch and dinner) included in the cost of the camp. Vegan cooking will be a co-creation supported by an experienced kitchen coordinator, with everyone taking turns to cook and all of us sharing in the cleaning and washing up. Breakfast and snacks will be the responsibility of individual families.

What languages will be spoken?

Banana Mountain families and staff speak a wide variety of languages but our common languages are Spanish and English.

Who is Camp Co-Create for?

This camp is for unschooled young people aged 8-18 and their parents and older and younger siblings. If your family are unschoolers who  find the idea of co-creation in a rich environment as exciting as we do and wwant to connect with like minded people of all ages in a truly beautiful setting, this camp is for you.

How many people will be there?

In total there will between 30 and 60 people at the camp, including guest families, Banana Mountain families, and Banana Mountain facilitators.

Is that it? I still have more questions!

If you contact us at we are more than happy to answer any questions your family have and/or schedule a call for a chat.

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