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“Without people your nothing.” Joe Strummer


People are our most precious resource. Since our project started we have been blessed with an abundance of brilliant people, big and small. As time goes on and our community, connections, and ambitions expand, this abundance continues to grow.

Here we give special attention to three important groups of adults who have special roles to play in the development of our project; our facilitators, our advisory board, and our research panel.
Of course, these are not the only people who matter. Young people are co-authors of our shared story and co-creators of our environment. Parents courageously support their children's educational autonomy and contribute to BM in a myriad of ways. A diverse and growing cast of friends and supporters share their time, energy and expertise, often asking for nothing in return.

How do all these people fit together? Imagine Banana Mountain as a collaboratively woven tapestry, never to be completed, always in the process of being made. Every single person who participates adds unique threads. Some people add more threads, and some people think about and care for the coherence of the overall design, but everyone who is involved adds their own unique threads, and in the end, no single thread is more important than any other.


All of us together - young people, parents, advisors, facilitators, and friends - have made and are making something special, which none of us could have made alone. To everyone big or small who has participated, on behalf of our community - past, present and future - thank you.

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