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Luke Freedman

Founder / Facilitator


Luke is a primary teacher, independent researcher and educational activist with over a decade of experience working with young people in a range of contexts including mainstream schools, democratic schools, forest schools and adventure playgrounds. Luke does have other interests, including making music and studying biology and human science but above all, he is an education geek; passionate about theory, passionate about practice, and passionate about the dialogue between the two.


Nilda Garcia

Founder / Facilitator

Nilda is a skilful facilitator with many years of experience supporting young people in democratic learning communities and special interests in the catalysis of artistic expression and the adult role in the creation of secure and nurturing social dynamics in co-created spaces. From age 6 until 16 Nilda trained as a dancer in conservatoires in Alicante. Injury prevented her from pursuing a career in dance but she remains passionate about flamenco and modern, a passion she loves to share with young people.


Ben Häußler


Ben's background is in early years education, a context in which he developed skills and dispositions which translate well into a co-created mixed-age space; listen before talking, observe before acting, and participate without controlling. Ben has a remarkable knack for manual activities, one of those people who seem to be able to make anything out of anything. This knack, combined with his playful personality and generous spirit make him a much-loved and valuable presence in our adventure play space.


Laura Fraser

Facilitator (art & permaculture)

Laura is the Finca La Herradura / Unión de los Ríos project lead focused on overseeing the development of a rich and biodiverse space for art, education, regenerative agriculture, and personal growth. Laura offers young people her personal passion for art - especially land art and ceramics - and her growing interest in permaculture, creating space for them to learn alongside her as she develops her own practices. At present, she is very involved in practice-based learning in Syntropic Agriculture, a regenerative form of agro-forestry.  


Liam Chatwin

Music Specialist

From singing and rapping as a teenager, to producing grime and dubstep when the genres first emerged, to organising and DJ'ing at parties across the UK and Europe, to running a successful record label, and finally back to singing and performing poetry both over his own beautiful productions and with live bands, Liam's passion for music has defined his life. This passion combined with the desire and ability to catalyse the same passion and joy for sound in others makes him an incredible producer and facilitator.

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