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Banana Mountain Presents
Camp Co-Create
October 13th - 26th 2024


"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." Charles Darwin


Camp Co-Create will bring together unschooling families from around the world to share ideas, inspire and be inspired, and to have lots of fun. Our motivations in organising this camp are to meet interesting people, to offer space and support for something special to happen, and to raise money for our amazing day-to-day learning community.


At our camp we will apply the skills developed over five years nurturing a co-created democratic learning community to facilitate a joyful, fruitful, co-creative process. More important than any technique or skill is our deep trust, based on years of experience, in the capacity of co-creation to produce experiences and outcomes more interesting and wonderful than anything any individual or group could plan.


Hiking, board games, swimming in the river, sports, ceramics, painting, printing, hacking, building with natural materials, philosophy, origami, improvisation, theatre, making music, making films, making books, making a shared world; anything could happen if we make it happen together!


If your family are unschoolers who find the idea of open ended co-creation in a rich environment as exciting as we do, and who want to connect with like minded people of all ages in a truly beautiful setting, then this camp is for you! Join us for a joyful adventure into the unknown...


Bookings open on May 19th 2024. To register your interest in Camp Co-Create, receive a full information package including camping options and pricing, and be notified as soon as bookings open (places are limited!!), email or click the button below.

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