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“The point is to sustain our deepest aspirations for a just and humane world that does not exist, while also engaging in the practical task of building emancipatory alternatives of the world as it could be. ” Erik Olin Wright

Banana Mountain is a co-created democratic learning community based in rural Andalucia. After two incredible years as an informal group we are now on a mission to open a full-time international school that is sustainable, affordable for all, and which offers the space, infrastructure, resources, and care necessary to enable young people to develop and sustain caring empowered relationships with self, others and the world. 

Banana Mountain 2.0 will be an integrated centre for practice and research in Co-Created Education nested within a land-based centre for education, ecology, the arts, and sustainable technologies. Combined, these elements will form a living, learning system greater than the sum of its parts working to contribute essential new knowledge and understandings to our collective life while providing young people the opportunity to co-create an education truly fit for our times.

​We approach our mission with urgency; children and the world we share with them need emancipatory alternatives now. We approach our mission with joy; creating those alternatives is beautiful work. We approach our mission with clarity; if our intentions and principles are clear and coherent so will be the actions that flow from them.

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