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While one of our aims is to generate funds for our day to day project, it is just as important to us that pricing is fair and our camp is open to all who want to attend. We hope that a self administered sliding scale with low, medium and high contributions will enable this. However. if the low fees are unaffordable for you and your family, please contact us to explore alternative arrangements.

Contributions are made for everyone aged 8 and up (including adults). Younger siblings aged 4 - 7 contribute at 50% and children aged 3 and under are free.

Low: 30 € per day / 360 €

Middle: 40 € per day / 480 €

High: 50 € per day / 600 €

This cost includes full participation in Camp Co-Create including access to a wide range of materials, tools, and spaces, two delicious healthy vegan meals per day and a pitch in a campsite with access to a living space, a camp kitchen, compost toilets and showers.

e.g. a mid income two parent family with a baby, a 5 year old and a 10 year old would contribute: 0 (baby) + 240 (5 year old ) + 480 (child) + 480 (parent 1) + 480 (parent 2) = a total of 1680. For this they would receive a camp pitch, lunch and dinner, and full participation in the camp for 12 days.

Please remember this is a non-profit camp. Any and all income generated will go directly to supporting Banana Mountain, a grassroots democratic learning community that even when it struggles economically never turned anyone away for fincanical reasons.

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